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SIGNS & WONDERS by The Day-Light Group


We were delighted to be asked to be one of the commissioned artists for The Day-Light Group event Signs & Wonders. We created a light installation for their February 2020 event as well as running two workshops. These workshops ran as part of a larger series of workshops and events for the local community of all ages, as well as artists and practitioners. 


Interactive Light Installation:
We created a fully interaction light organ with audiences at the Signs & Wonders event could play. Hitting the keyboard keys light up one of the various light tubes or hanging lights, as well as creating a variety of fun sounds. 

On the Saturday we even had a member of the Flat Packed team playing classic tunes and engaging with the younger attendees to the event. 


Laboratory of Light Workshops:

Exploring fun with circuits. Workshop participants gained insights and inspiration into how they could incorporate techniques into their own creative process to explore new ideas and develop their work without the need to write code.

These workshops offered participants the opportunity to learn about how we create our work and the unconventional ways we use every day technologies. Exploring light sequences, using light to enhance atmosphere and basic coding.


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