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One performer. Seven characters. 500+ light and sound cues. No technician.


In a long-abandoned theatre, a former stage-doorman, Albert, confesses the untold story of Dr Jekyll... and Mr Hyde. Electromagnets, projection and 18 domestic, colour-changing lightbulbs, all triggered invisibly by one performer employing a system that would make the average Victorian illusionist gawk.

Fast-paced, intimate and lavishly visual storytelling: a vaudevillian ghost story expanding on the world of a gothic classic. There will be puppets, there will be songs, there will be technical wizardry and, of course, there will be danger...

Written by Ben Oldfield

(Cube Essential Theatre)

Created & Performed by Michael Tonkin-Jones (Pipeline's Spillikin)

Technical Design by Ciaran Clarke

(Near-Ta Theatre) 

Produced by Jasmine Cole Productions LTD

Huge thanks to our funders! 

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